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The Float

Sakura and Kero-chan get into a big fight. It is exacerbated as Kero cleans out one of Sakura's drawers to make his very own room and dumps all of her things on the floor. Sakura destroys his new room and puts all of her things back in the drawer. Kero calls Sakura a monster, which makes her very upset (even if she is behaving like one). Because of the resulting argument, Kero writes Sakura a note and flies downstairs. He finds a box of chocolates, opens and eats the entire box. Unfortunately for him, these are liquor chocolates and Kero gets somewhat drunk off of them. He flies off and is unable to find his way home.

He talks to a plastic hippo and then sleeps on an old discarded couch, where he is discovered by a little girl the next morning. She takes him home, cleans him and brings him milk. Kero starts to answer one of her questions and she thinks the sound 'Chau' is his meow and his name.

Back at the house, Sakura mopes about because she is worried about her friend. Kero also worries how to let Sakura know he's ok. Akane, the young girl, is left alone by her mother who has to go to work (her father has passed away). Kero discovers the fax machine and sends Sakura a note saying he is alright, but he can't come home right away. He is worried about the little girl being all by herself.

Using the ID information from the fax, Tomoyo tracks down Kero's location for Sakura. They go to fetch him... and just in time. For Akane has made a wish she could fly like Kero and suddenly objects in the room begin to float, Akane included. As she floats out the window and high into the air, Kero flies after her. But float takes her higher than he can fly and he begins to fall. Sakura arrives on her flying wand just in time and they go high into the after Akane. Sakura turns The Float back into a card, causing Akane to fall rapidly towards the ground. Kero tries to catch her but isn't strong enough to prevent her falling completely. Sakura uses The Wood to cause a tree to grow and catch them both.

Safe on the ground, Akane returns 'Chau-chan' to Sakura's care because her mother has found a new job allowing her to spend her days with Akane and they must move. Sakura takes him home, and shows him that she has recreated his room. He's grateful and they make up - until his hopping on the bed causes it to break. Oh well.

The Card's Power:

To make things float. Obviously.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to go across the burnt out bridge when Sakura and Syaoran are trying to capture The Erase.

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