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The Mist

Sakura and Tomoyo attend the festival at Touya's school. They are joined by Syaoran and escorted around most of the carnival by Yukito, who invites him to see the class play. Touya's part in the play is a big secret, but Yukito's role is that of a canned mackerel.

At the play, Sakura is surprised to see her brother playing the part of Cinderella. They are even more surprised to see Yukito's canned mackerel is Cinderella's fairy godů well, fairy god object. The canned mackerel sends Cinderella to the ball. During the scene where Cinderella and the prince stand atop a raised balcony, a strange mist which has been moving through the building surrounds the platform's supports and they begin to crumble. Touya valiantly catches hold the girl's hand who was playing the part of the prince, preventing her from falling.

Watching from the audience, Sakura and Li-kun realize this is a Clow Card and run to try and capture it. Sakura calls Kero-chan on the cell phone. Kero says this card is The Mist which corrodes everything that gets in its fog. He tells her to try and gather the fog all into one place to defeat it.

Meanwhile, Yukito tries to climb to the rescue but is unable as stairs collapse. With each passing moment the platform becomes weaker and the position of Touya and the girl becomes more precarious. Sakura summons The Shadow which surrounds The Mist and changes it to its true form. This isn't seen by the audience, since the curtain has been closed. Just as she changes the card, Touya and the girl fall. Syaoran uses his magic to cushion their fall and they land safely on the ground. Touya looks towards the room Syaoran and Sakura had been in, but they have hidden and he does not see them. At least not with his eyes...

The Card's Power:

To corrode everything touched by its mist.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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