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The Windy

Having arrived home from school to an empty house one afternoon, Sakura hears a strange noise from her basement. Scared because her father and brother aren't there to investigate, she nevertheless gathers her courage and with her baton as a weapon she goes into the basement to investigate. Down a flight of dark stairs, she enters a room filled with dozens of high bookshelves, the product of her father's studies as a university professor.

Following the noise leads Sakura to a glowing book, which she pulls from the shelves. As she holds it, its lock opens and she discovers a stack of cards inside. Picking up the top card she sounds out the English word "Windy." This causes an insignia to appear on the ground beneath her feet and suddenly a gust of air surrounds her, blowing the cards in the book to the winds.

She drops it in surprise and watches a stuffed animal with wings rise from its cover. It hollers Good Afternoon to her and introduces himself as Cerebus, guardian of the Clow Cards. As he makes his speech, he notices all the cards are missing (some guardian, nyeh?). He asks Sakura where they are. She tells him that when she said "Windy" they all flew away. Cerebus becomes rather upset at this.

Having no time to argue in the basement because her family is arriving home, Sakura takes him to her room. Cerebus tries to search for the cards using his magic but isn't strong enough in his current form to find them. So he names Sakura Card Captor. Giving her a magic key which can be turned into a sealing wand, he tells her it is her job to gather the cards together before they can do horrid things to the world.

Sakura uses the card to bind and trap another card later in the same episode.

The Card's Power:
To summon Wind. As an elemental card, it can also be used to bind other cards if they are weaker.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to bind The Fly and The Shadow.

Used to whip the air into a harsh freezing gust against The Watery and then to bind it.

Attempted to use against The Mirror, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

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