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The Return

Sakura awakens very early and decides to go skating before school. She passes the temple where Mizuki teacher lives and encounters Kaho once again. Happy to see her teacher, Sakura offers to help clean the temple just as Yukito passes. He joins Sakura and Kaho in performing the chores and both are rewarded with bags of chesnuts just before they leave. As Yukito leaves to get his bike so he can walk Sakura to school, Kaho starts to tell Sakura something but decides against it. Sakura takes the chesnuts to school where she shows them to Tomoyo, only to be chastised by Syaoran who is disturbed by Kaho's aura of power, which causes him to tell Sakura to stay away from her.

At home that evening, Sakura discovers her brother also knew Mizuki-teacher from school when he was in her grade. After dinner, Sakura goes with Kero-chan in search of a card he has sensed and they return to the temple once more. Sakura is disturbed by this because the last card they captured was at the temple as well. While they discuss this outside the gates, Syaoran shows up (Meilin-less because she is still doing her homework. The translation from reading Chinese to Japanese is not as easy as some would make it out to be - Kero-chan, you know who you are.)

Sakura and Syaoran enter the temple to search but after more than an hour are unable to find anything. Sakura sends Kero off to buy drinks for the three of them. Sitting in the branches of a tree, Sakura and Syaoran discuss their feelings for Kaho and Yukito. Syaoran becomes upset by Sakura's feelings for Yukito and jumps from the tree. Before Sakura can follow him, she is sucked into the tree by a mysterious dark force. Li-kun tries to save her, but is too late. He and Kero-chan are left standing outside the tree looking for Sakura.

Disoriented, Sakura finds herself sitting beside the tree only without Syaoran or Kero-chan. Strangely, the tree takes on a pinkish glow and cherry blossoms begin to fall. Hearing footsteps, Sakura uses The Jump to hop into the tree's branches to hide. Her brother appears dressed in his eight grade uniform. He says hello to the tree, and Mizuki-teacher appears. She asks him if he can see the spirit inside the tree and he replies that he can.

Meanwhile, Syaoran and Kero-chan determine Sakura has been taken by The Return card. It was not strong enough to take someone into the past alone, but using the power of the holy tree and the full moon it was able to suck Sakura into the past when she was left by herself. To free her, Sakura's timeline must catch up with the present.

Returning to the past, Sakura realizes that she is viewing the past relationship of her brother and their teacher. Just as Kaho and Touya are saying their good-byes, because Kaho is leaving the country for a time, Sakura sees Mizuki-teacher turn and stare at her while mentioning a future disaster. At that moment, she is sucked back into the present. The Return spirit leaves the tree and Sakura is able to capture it.

The card is awared to Syaoran, who used The Time to bring Sakura back. He collapses because he used a lot of energy to save Sakura and has little left. Discovering this, Sakura gives him a giant hug which causes Syaoran's face to light up like a Christmas tree bulb.

The Card's Power:

Returning people to the past.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

You've got to be kidding me. This IS episode 27. You think I'm physic? I wish! ;-)

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