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The Sword

Suffering from depression after the previous night's hunting and still smarting from Syaoran's chastisement, Sakura joins Tomoyo and Rika on a trip to a jewelry store. Each girl selects a brooch, Sakura takes a winged heart (yes, more wings. If it doesn't have wings on it, Sakura is apparently not allowed to own it), Tomoyo selects a cross with a blue tint to it and Rika chooses a pin brooch which resembles a sword.

Going to Sakura's house for tea, the girls put on their brooches. Rika suddenly freezes and when her head lifts her eyes have gone dead and glaze over with a strange deep red color. The brooch turns into a long, elegant sword with which she attacks Sakura and Tomoyo. Kero-chan comes out of the room and flies to Sakura's aid. He tells her Rika has been possessed by The Sword card.

Sakura uses The Jump card to jump away from the Sword's reach. Rika continues to attack and Sakura feels unable to counter because she does not want to hurt her friend but neither can she leave Rika like this. As Rika nearly strikes Sakura, Syaoran appears. He starts to attack Rika but Sakura grabs his arm to stop him and uses jump to help them both dodge the sword.

Leaving Syaoran to protect Tomoyo, Sakura uses the Illusion to show Rika what is strongest in her mind - an image of their teacher. Rika stares at it and her eyes begin to unfog somewhat. She whispers "Sensei" and becomes distracted from battling with Sakura. This enables Sakura to knock the sword from Rika's hand. She is then able to seal the card, now that it is not controlling someone.

Rika forgets the entire incident. The next day, Sakura gives Rika the winged heart brooch to replace the sword brooch since it disappeared when Sakura captured the card.

The Card's Power:

Anyone using the card becomes an expert swordsman. The Sword can cut through just about anything.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used by Sakura to cut The Shield card, defeating its power to protect things and allowing the capture of the card.

Used by Sakura to cut The Loop card, thus winning it after she seals the card.

Sakura also attempts to cut through the walls of The Maze. The Sword succeeds in cutting the walls, but they simply grow back together and this is therefore not useful in the defeat of the maze.

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