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The Maze

Sakura, Tomoyo and Meiling (who drags Syaoran along) go to Kaho's temple to buy lucky love charms. Upon entering the shrine, Sakura and Syaoran feel a something strange. Sakura asks Syaoran about and they are suddenly surrounded by a mist which solidifies into a giant green maze. Syaoran instantly recognizes this as The Maze card, which can be defeated by leaving through its opening.

First they attempt to get out by following Tomoyo who places one hand on the right wall of the maze and simply follows it - a method which should lead them from the maze. Only it doesn't work. Neither does using the lasin board, most likely because they're surrounded by the essence of the card. Next, Sakura tries flying to the air but the maze only grows higher and prevents her from seeing over its walls. Trying The Sword card, Sakura tries to cut through the walls of the maze. This succeeds for a moment, but the walls grow back together and suddenly the maze shifts violently.

Now resembling an something from the mind of M.C. Escher, the maze has become three dimensional. Tomoyo is trapped atop one of the walls, but is saved by Syaoran who summons the power of wind and fire to bring her to the ground in a swirl of air. Meanwhile, Meiling is trapped on what appears to be a wall from the others' point of view. Syaoran tries to save her with the same method that brought Tomoyo down safely but his magic cannot reach her.

They decide they must go to where she is and begin to navigate the maze. Arriving at a tunnel, they decide they must enter it, even though it means loosing sight of Meiling. Syaoran orders her to stay put and to count aloud so they can hear her and follow her voice. Just past the tunnel entrance, Meiling's voice halts abruptly. Running to the end, they see that Meiling is no longer standing where she was yet a mysterious bell is now ringing. Suddenly a long shadow appears… and then Meiling rounds the corner and runs joyously to Syaoran. He asks how she got away and she says she was helped - by Kaho! The math teacher appears at the mention of her name and uses a strange bell to shatter the walls of the maze. This time they do not grow back and the group is able to exit the maze. Sakura returns the card to its true form and it is award to Kaho, who simply gives it to Sakura.

The Card's Power:

Creates a giant maze.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Well, Sakura thinks about it in episode 27. Does that count? Otherwise, none, since it was only captured in episode 26.

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