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The Rain

Found with The Wood, it was originally grimy and Sakura didn't know what it was. She carelessly placed it on a shelf and got sidetracked running errands for her father and having lunch with Yukito. A playful card, The Rain uses its powers to make The Wood grow.

When Sakura returns and is battling the growing wood in her house, she remembers she found a second card. Telling Kero, he insists she go into the basement to investigate. It is there she finds The Rain, which giggles and coos at her before playfulling chasing Sakura through the stacks of books, trying to get her wet.

Sakura summons Watery which allows her to control the rainfall. The water it is dropping turns into wide band which wraps about the Watery just above Sakura. Turning this stream against The Rain, it binds the small card form into a large water bubble. She then seals a sad looking Rain into the card. The rain tries desperately to escape, but to no avail.

It's antics with The Wood completely messed up the house and Sakura, Kero and Tomoyo were forced to clean the entire thing all over again. Exhausted, Sakura and Kero collapse on her bed leaving her cake to the never full pit of a stomach known as Touya. Ooops. Oh well, she was too tired to eat anyway.

The Card's Power:

To create and control rainfall.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used in a special episode where Sonomi arranges for Sakura to meet her grandfather (though Sakura never knows him for such). Seeing a picture his granddaughter (Sakura's mother) drew as a small child of a rainbow, Sakura decides to make him happy by making that rainbow appear outside his house. She uses The Rain to accomplish this.

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