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The Wood

Sakura awakens early on Sunday to go to a picnic with Tomoyo. As she goes to breakfast, Touya reminds her all the day's chores are hers because she had traded the week before to attend a piano recital. Sakura sighs mournfully and agrees to do the chores. Both her father and brother leave the house in Sakura's hands, who calls Tomoyo to cancel their picnic.

Sakura drafts Kero into doing the laundry while she cleans the rest of the house. As she cleans the basement, she finds The Wood card buried under the carpet. She puts it down and runs upstairs to tell Kero. Her cries catch him off guard and he is knocked into the washing machine. Freed after the cycle completes he says quits until he overhears Sakura saying when she finishes she will share ice cream with him. Deciding there is no choice but to help, he continues with the laundry.

Vacuuming downstairs, Sakura finds another card that is covered with grime. As she puts it down, the phone rings and Sakura's father asks him to bring her a folder he left at home. One her way back home, Sakura runs into Yukito who takes her out to lunch in the restaurant where Touya is waitering. (That's just mean! I hope they tipped well!) After lunch, Sakura skates home to find all the laundry hung out on the balcony to dry and Kero-chan sound asleep on her bed. She's about to make him lunch when she hears a strange sound. Suddenly it becomes very loud and the house begins to shake. She gets her wand and they locate the source as coming from the basement.

When Sakura opens the door, branches suddenly being to grow wildly. They shut the door and a piece breaks off. It disappears in Kero-chan's hand and he tells her this must be The Wood. Sakura finally remembers to tell him about The Wood card she found. He chastises her for not telling him earlier or writing her name on the cards immediately. As the brances threaten to grow out through the door, the doorbell begins to ring repeatedly. Kero pretends to be a stuffed animal and the branches push through, shoving Sakura into the main hall. As she hides her face behind her head, the front door opens and Tomoyo says Hello. She helps Sakura free and Sakura seals the card.

The search for the sealed card and can't find it. Suddenly The Wood breaks through the door again, growing even faster this time. Once its branches make it outside, leaves sprout and the rapid growing halts. Unfortunately, it manages to dirty the clean laundry in the process. Kero is very upset and says they must go to where the card is and seal it completely before it tries to go all the way outside and destroys the house completely.

Sakura dresses in a pink outfit brought by Tomoyo and crawls through the branches to the basement. They hear a strange noise and Sakura remembers to tell Kero about the other card she found. This card is affecting The Wood and causing it to grow rapidly. Once that card is sealed, The Wood returns to its spirit form of a small and lovely woman covered with green and leaves and allows Sakura to seal it. Sakura then writes her name on both cards.

The Card's Power:

To grow trees and things of wood.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used when trying to capture The Jump, but it was able to break free of the wooden prison Sakura created.

Used to catch the falling Akane and Kero-chan after Sakura returned The Float to its card form.

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