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The Fight

One the first day of the new fall semester, reports have begun to circulate that a black-belt was beat up in the park by a woman wearing strange clothes. During lunch, Syaoran asks Meiling why she is in Japan. She explains that she got tired of waiting for him to return to Hong Kong and decided to come help capture the Clow Cards. She expresses obvious dislike for Sakura, though whether it is because Sakura was wearing Syaoran's shirt the day before or it is because Sakura is able to collect Clow Cards is unclear.

At dinner that night, Sakura reads in the paper that another man has been attacked in Tomoeda central park. Like the first case, this man was a black belt. When Yukito mentions the attacker was wearing something weird, Sakura decides this might be a Clow Card. So she, Tomoyo and Kero go to the park. While Sakura is trying to discern the exact location of the card, she is interupted by Meiling who is wearing a battle costume somewhat similar to Syaoran's. She tells Sakura that she is there to help Syaoran capture the cards. Mocking Kero's size, she earns his ire and animosity as Syaoran did earlier.

As Meiling challenges Sakura, a blue woman dressed strangely appears on the fence next to them. Kero tells Sakura this is The Fight card, which seeks out strong to battle. Sakura doesn't know how to fight, so the card concentrates on Meiling who does a fair job against it, even managing to knock it off its feet on the first pass. Her overconfidence is her downfall and the card catches her leg. Meiling might have been seriously injured if Syaoran did not come to her rescue and kick the card away.

Syaoran demands Meiling return the lasin board, which Kero says is useless to her anyway because Meiling has no magical power (very unusual in the Li family) and is unable to sense the cards. Syaoran tries to send Meiling home, but is attacked by The Fight card just after the lasin board senses its presences. Rushing to his side, Meiling makes sure his alright and then starts to fight the card. Despite her talent, the card is still too much for her.

Sakura uses The Power at Tomoyo's suggestion and distracts The Fight just before it tries to finish Meiling. Challenging the card, she hits it over the head as it tries to attack her. The card falls to the ground in defeat and Sakura changes it to the Clow Card form.

The Card's Power:

An attack card, The Fight allows the user to gain great fighting skills.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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