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The Little

Tomoyo comes over to Sakura's house so that she can check Sakura's measurements for new costumes. In the middle of this process, Sakura and Kero-chan note a disturbance and realize a card is loose in the house. Changing into a battle costume seemingly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Sakura searches for the card and feels in within her father's room. She discovers a bouncing light on his bed and tries to use her wand to change it, but the light hops onto her chest and Sakura falls over in surprise.

When Sakura returns to her feet, the room seems to have changed drastically. Everything seems huge. It isn't until she notices her magic key lying next to her and sees that it is many times her size that she comes to the conclusion she has shrunk. Just then a gust of wind sweeps the room and she is blown out the window. Landing atop the family car, Sakura finds herself staring into the eyes of a large, fluffy cat which is staring at her in an all too hungry fashion. Sakura runs away, falls off the car lands in a flower. So relived is she to be saved, she pirouettes in the flower crying 'Thank You Father's Flower!'

If being shrunk and nearly eaten by a cat weren't bad enough, she is now attacked by a preying mantis which considers her a choice option for its dinner menu. Thankfully, the very same cat which tried to eat Sakura now chases the mantis and squashes it.

Free from pursuit, Sakura now finds a tiny yellow spirit which she recognizes as the Clow Card. Yelling at it for shrinking her, she tells the card that it wasn't funny to be almost eaten by a cat and a bug. The card laughs at her and runs away. Jumping through the window and into the family bathroom, Sakura begins to swim across in pursuit and crawls out exhausted.

In the meantime, Touya has arrived home with Yukito, and discover Tomoyo alone. They chide the absent Sakura for leaving her friend. Tomoyo fetches the strawberry cake she made and offers it to them as a distraction as she sends Kero-chan to search for Sakura. Touya goes to the kitchen to collect drinks for the cake and barely misses his shrunken sister, who has chased the card there. His voice is vastly distorted from Sakura's perspective, because of the differences in their sizes. Sakura hides from him, but cries out when the card spirit almost touches him. Hearing her faintly, Touya stops in time, looks about and finally leaves.

The card exits the room as well, hopping up the stairs and leaving Sakura at the bottom because she is too little to follow. A seemingly huge Kero-chan finds Sakura and determines the card she has been chasing is Little. He tells Sakura if she touches it again, she will become big again. Sakura suceeds by putting herself between Tomoyo and the card as it tries to shrink Tomoyo. Telling Tomoyo to throw her the key, Sakura summons her magic and changes the card back to its true form.

At the end of the episode, Sakura uses the power of little on Kero so that the tiny piece of cake Yukito and Touya left will be large enough for Kero to actually enjoy. From the look on his face as he devours a straweberry 30 times his size, The Little must be one of his most favorite cards.

The Card's Power:

To shrink things. Using it twice will return the shrunken object to its normal size.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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