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The Silent

Beginning at a museum, a guard does his rounds and focuses his light on a picture of a strangely dressed woman holding a single finger to her lips. Outside, a shadowy figure runs and hides behind a column.

The scene cuts to Sakura's room, where she is practicing drawing for her class' trip to the museum. Kero-chan is distressed by Sakura's rendition of him and offers feedback, but Sakura leaves the room when her father calls her to breakfast. Later at the museum, Sakura opens her notebook to discover Kero has drawn a new picture of himself looking fierce over the cute picture she drew of him. She screams in horror which causes a guard to run towards her. Apologizing, Sakura turns the page and begins to a draw a scuplture with Tomoyo.

The calm of the scene is broken as a young boy is dragged off by a guard for trying to deface a picture. The boy screams that his father painted the picture and it has been defaced. Claiming this is impossible the guard continues to pull the child away. He escapes and runs to the picture. Suddenly everything blurs and Sakura sees the image in the picture raise a finger to its lips and all sound disappears from the room.

Puzzled Sakura, examines the picture. As it is time for the class to leave, Sakura finds the name tag of the child who tried to deface the picture. On the way home, she discusses this with Tomoyo who arrives at the idea that this must be a Clow Card.

That night, Sakura sneaks out of her house. Yukito catches her in the process of climbing down the tree outside her window and agrees not to tell Touya what he saw.

Once at the museum, Kero-chan tells them this card is Silent. It has the power to make things go silent, but he doesn't know what else is supposed to happen because the card doesn't talk much so he doesn't know its personality. Tomoyo dresses Sakura in a bat-burglar outfit and gives her a copy of the guards' schedule so that they will know when it is safe to chase the card.

Once they enter the museum, they see the same boy trying to deface the picture once more. Using her flashlight to cast a huge shadow of Kero, they pretend he is a protective god of the museum who will not allow the paintings to be defaced. The boy doesn't believe it and investigates, to be greeted by a squawking head of Kero highlighted in a flashlight beam. He squeals and runs backwards, colliding with a post. Sakura and Tomoyo run to his aid, telling him that what he saw was just their using ventriloquism with a stuffed animal because they thought he was a thief.

The boy asks if they defaced his painting or if they are burglars. Tomoyo tells him this is their hobby? Thinking both girls weird, the boy walks away. They follow him and he tells them that his father painted that picture just before he passed away. The boy is apparently supposed to be the subject of the painting. They agree to help him but as Sakura tries to change the card back, it moves its hand to its lips, they are surrounded by a yellow light and then they are suddenly outside the museum. Tell Yuuki-kun (the little boy)this has happened because there is a monster inside the picture who doesn't like sound and moved them outside because he spoke. They try again, but this time Yuuki drops a tool and again they are transported outside. A third try is just as useless because Kero-chan sneezes.

Out of time because the guard is returning, Kero realizes the inability to speak will mean Sakura can't recite a spell. Yuuki runs into the museum on his own and is captured by the guard. In a moment of inspiration, Sakura uses The Shadow to cast her shadow into the museum. First using it to free Yuuki from the guard, she then uses her shadow to turn The Silent back to a card. The picture is returned to normal and the image of a smiling little girl is revealed - for Yuuki is a girl, not a boy! She just had her hair hidden under her hat. She thanks Sakura and Tomoyo and goes home.

At the very end, we see a shadow image atop a tower holding a glowing board. In a boy's voice he says he has found the aura of a Clow Card.

The Card's Power:

To create take away sound and to move things which cause sound away from it.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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