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Li Showron

Li is a descendant of Clow Reed, creator of the Clow Cards. He has come from Hong Kong as an exchange student, however, he is really there to find the Clow Cards. His magical lasin board alerted him of their escape.
Li has been trained in a magical household all of his life and is, therefore, very comfortable with powers. He is also incredibly cocky about them. And rather rude to Sakura because she has only just begun her training.
While Sakura has the magic key for the Clow Book, Syaoran possesses his lasin board, a sword and magical papers which he uses to "Release the Light." That seems to be his favorite phrase. His talents are not limited to his magical powers. He is also gifted at sports, as evidenced by his amazing kick during the Time and Again episode.

Differences from the Original

Li is, thus far, fairly true to the original Syaoran. His role has just been exaggerated. But hey, they rewrote the entire series around him, so what do you expect?

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