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Madison Taylor

Madison is Sakura's best friend. She acts as Sakura's assistant in tracking down Clow Cards and also provides Sakura's unique Cardcaptor wardrobe. She has an eye for fashion and follows all the latest fashion magazines to find new ideas.
Madison also fills the role of being one of Sakura's protectors. She attempts to deflect Lee's attention whenever he seems to be overly menacing to Sakura.

Differences from the Original

I don't know how Madison could be any more different from Tomoyo.
Tomoyo was exceedingly proper. She was an elegant little girl with a soft voice and unassuming presence. The ultimate introvert, Tomoyo lived through Sakura. In fact, she was obsessed with Sakura. Tomoyo followed Sakura around with a video camera and taped her every move so that she could savor every moment by watching Sakura on her giant home theater later.
Madison, however, seems to be the quientessential valley girl. Her voice has lost the softness and refinement and she now voices harded valley speak. Rather than gently offering suggestions to Sakura, Madison freely interjects. And while the character still crafts costumes for Sakura, Madison does not seem to trail Sakura with the same obsession as Tomoyo.
If anything, I think they're trying to make Madison more of a partner than she was in the orginal and demphasis her girl-wonder/cheering section role.
Thus far, the show hasn't addressed Madison's wealth, so it's unclear if she's still going to be the richest kid on the block.

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