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Kinomoto Fujitaka

This is Sakura's father. He's a professor of archaelogy and a single dad to boot. This leaves him with a very busy schedule. Still, he has managed to raise two mature and highly responsible children who willingly help out with the household chorse.

Fujitaka is a very understanding father. While he demands a lot of his offspring, he is also ready to forgive their mistakes and help them fix whatever problem may result. My favorite moment involving Fujitaka is when Sakura destroys his computer and a huge report he has been preparing for a presentation to a convention two days following. Rather than flying off the handle he comforts his crying daughter and gives her a hug. Seeing she is still upset the next day, he simply tells her he can easily recreate his work and that all he needs is a good assistant (which gives Sakura the chance to help repair the damage). This leaves both of them feeling better. *sniffle*

He was deeply in love with his wife, Nadesiko. I suspect he still is, because he has remained a widower and shows no signs of interest in having another wife.

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