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Meilin's Hair

In my webbrowsing, I have run across a couple of sites which have compared Meilin's hairstyle to that of Sailormoon. While it's vaguely similar, I don't think this is a completely accurate comparison. So to make my point, here is a little about what I have noticed in regards to Meilin's completely adorable hairdo.

First, here we have a picture of Usagi/Serena's signature hairdo. Note the buns, which are small and very round (its why the call them odangos or meatballs, afterall!) and set towards the crown of her head. Extending outwards from the buns are long, wafting ponytails.

Now take a close look at Meilin's head. Her buns are somewhat flatter and definately larger than Sailormoon's. They are also wrapped in bright red ribbons which are tied into bows at the bottom side of the bun. Meilin's ponytails are also much shorter and thicker than those of Usagi/Serena.

So I'd like to present Miaka, of Fushigi Yugi fame. Note how she wears larger buns towards the side of her head, as does Meilin. She too, favors the red ribbons tied into bows around the buns, in almost exactly the same fashion as Meilin.

Taking this all into account, I am of the opinion that Meilin's hair is more of a combination between Sailormoon and Miaka rather than specifically resembling either of them. Meilin, after all, has her own take on both the hairstyles because her hair is so much thicker than the other girls'.

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