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The Space Cadet Costume

Tomoyo's design for this costume is very futuristic. I see Sakura jumping across the moon in low-g's when look at it. At first, I thought it was made of rubber, but according to Kero-chan the material is actually more of an elastic than rubber.

Worn when capturing two cards (though in the same episode), this costume is connected to both The Wood and The Rain. In particular, it climbing through the branches of The Wood look particularly difficult. Kero-chan says that its material actually made this activity very easy. I suppose we'll have to take his word for it.

This time, Tomoyo has chosen to work in pink, white and accent it with a hint of yellow. Beginning from the top, a pink head band sporting a pair of large white wings provides a kind of helmet for our heroine.

The body of her dress is a bright pink with a flared skirt. Its sleeves are long and white, padded at the shoulder with dual poofs of fabric and a singluar poof at the wrists. On the side of her sleeves, just below the shoulder is a large yellow dot as an accent. At her hemline, another pair of white poofs add to the UFO like look of the dress. Sakura wears bright white tights with the dress.

Tomoyo provided Sakura with gloves for this outfit. They are mainly white, but the back of the hand is protected by a thick pink piece which is accented by another yellow dot which is placed towards the thumbs.

Once again, the shoes are specially designed for the outfit. They are the mid calf boots either Sakura or Tomoyo (I'm not sure which of them is responsible) seems to prefer. Mostly white in color, each boot boasts a wide band of pink just around the ankle and a pink toe.

This outfit goes very well with the sealing wand, matching in color and both being accented by Sakura's signature wing shape.

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