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The Cat Costume

For all that this costume appears to be constructed of pink taffeta, is it in fact created from rubber. This proves to be of great foresight on the part of Tomoyo, as this outfit appears in the episode in which Sakura first encounters Syaoran chasing Clow Cards. The card they pursue is The Thunder and the rubber make up of costume is intended to protect Sakura from the dangerous lightening.

Mainly pink and black, there is a subtle decor to the ensemble meant to resemble, in part, a cat. The headband fetures a pair of cat ears, black on the back and pink on the inner front. Tomoyo has also brought back the bells which played a major role on the jester costume, placing a very large one as a pendant at the base of Sakura's neck and another pair at the tips of a the bow tails on the back of the skirt.

The key word for this outfit is Ruffles. They abound. A sleek body suit of black covers most of Sakura's body, but over it is place a large ruffled dress. A pair of dark pink twin ruffles make second sleeves which reach from her shoulders and are cut down to her waist. Their width is small, thankfully, so they avoid completely overbalancing the sleek black. The skirt is of the same material as the sleeves and is layered to give it a very bouyant look. The first layer is in a very soft, light pink tone. The second is a balancing black. The third and uppermost layer is again the dark pink. It is connect to the sleeve ruffles by a bib like waistline on the dress. In the back of the outfit, there is a massive dark pink bow which ties at Sakura's waist. Just below the skirts, a long, black feline tail protrudes to remphasis the cat theme Tomoyo is working with.

Again, there are matching shoes. This time they are again mid calf length boots whose colors repeat the dark pink and black found in the dress. The upper boot is the dark pink and buttons up the side with matching buttons. The lower portion, that covering the lower part foot itself, is done in black.

This outfit is another of my favorties. Sakura just looks so cute as a cat.

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