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The Jester Costume

While the burgular costume worn in The Silent episode looks like a harlequin, this costume is more similar to a traditional jester's outfit. It was featured in the episode where Sakura captured The Watery. Its spilt skirt looked particularly entracing as Sakura raced through the halls of the aquarium on her wand. It is also one of my favorite costumes.

This outfit consists of only three colors. The hat, shoes, gloves and the underpart of the dress are all in navy blue. The main part of the dress contrasts with a stark white. Golden bells and detailing stones on the hat accent the outfit supurbly.

The navy hat is long and features spilt tails which trail down her back and end in points capped with bells. A white rim is folded up around Sakura's head and boasts a golden stone on either side which matches the hue of the bells on the costume. Her dress is sleeveless and its skirt is spilt into similar points from the waist. Those to the front of the outfit are shorter than those at the back, but all are finished with golden bells. Navy gloves which match her hat and shoes go up her arms well past her elbows. The gloves are the only part of her outfit which do not have bells. Her shoes are mid calf high boots with pointed toes that are again finished by the bells. Like the hat and the ribbon spilt skirt, the shoes are very evocative of the jester theme.

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