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Kinomoto Touya

Touya is Sakura's older brother. He torments her in a typical older brother fashion and delights in calling her a monster, teasing her, and finding ways to get her to do what he wants. Despite this, he is incredibly protective of her. As far as Touya is concerned, only he is allowed to pick on Sakura. When anyone else attempts to be mean or tease her, Touya is in her corner, fighting to protect Sakura. Yukito, Touya's best friend, terms this turnabout a ‘Sister Complex'.

Well aware of Sakura's crush on Yukito, Touya has used her feelings to his advantage. Knowing that Sakura will bend over backwards for Yukito, Touya frequently invites his best friend over. This results in highly generous behavior on his sister's part, such as Sakura sharing the pancakes she paid for with her allowance, something Sakura would have otherwise kept for herself.

Touya also posses the power to see ghosts. When Sakura was younger he would tell her about what he saw. This has resulted in Sakura's fear of ghosts. At the end of the episode where Sakura captures The Illusion Nadesiko, their mother- who just happens to be dead in case this doesn't seem odd to you, appears to check in on Sakura. She speaks briefly to Touya, saying that she has been keeping an eye on both of them and wanted to double check on Sakura this time, because she was worried about her daughter. Touya seems unphased by her appearance, which indicates to me that Nadesiko's appearance is not an unusual event for Touya.

One of the most hard-working young men in his school, Touya not only does a considerable amount of work helping his father keep house, he also holds down a number of after-school jobs. His work is usually in the line of waitering at local businesses. Yukito seems to particularly enjoy treating Sakura to treats at the restaurants where Touya works just so Touya can wait on them. Is this just to give Sakura a little bit of fun -- after all, watching your older brother be forced to be unerringly polite and wait on you hand and foot does have a lot to be said for it -- or is it because Yuki simply wishes to see as much as possible of Touya? Hmmmm.

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