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The Umbrella Costume

Whatever my feelings about pink, I dislike this shade of yellow even more. Add it in with a pretty weird looking design and you have the costume I probably dislike the most out of Sakura's extensive wardrobe. It was worn instead of the utterly cute bunny costume when Sakura made her second attempt to capture The Illusion.

This time Tomoyo seems to be working off of an umbrella theme. At least, that's what the skirt looks like to me. As though Tomoyo took an umbrella, colored it yellow, turned it upside and cut out the middle just before sticking it around Sakura's waist. Peeking out from the edge of this strange skirt is a row of white scallops. It's rather a stark combination of curves and points.

Sakura's thighhigh white socks are also scalloped at the top, though at a much sharper angle than the petticoat. She is wearing them with white and yellow boats that look appropriate for either skiing or moonwalking. You make the call. Her gloves also coordinate with the socks (of all things), possessing the same scalloped patter at the wrist.

Moving to the top of the dress, there is a white undershirt over which a form fit waist and large shoulder straps fit. Buckles on thin white straps accent the front of the dress.

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